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ATA 59th Annual Conference
Oct 24-27, 2018
New Orleans, Louisiana
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NOTA Bene Newsletters
Sprint 2017 Edition (Latest Edition)
Sprint 2017 Edition
  • President's Greeting
  • Tips to Finishing Things
  • NOTA/CCIO Event Overview
November 2016 Edition
November 2016 Edition
  • President's Message
  • Basic SEO for your Website
  • Two Wrongs make a Right
January 2016 Edition
January 2016 Edition
  • President's Message
  • Program Report
  • Your end of year bonus
February 2012 Edition
February 2012 Edition
  • NOTA Celebrates New Year 2012
  • Meaning is not a commodity
  • President's Letter
October 2011 Edition(Top)
October 2011 Edition
  • We oughta be in pictures!
  • NOTA Letter to the Kentucky General Assembly
  • President's Letter
June 2011 Edition(Top)
June 2011 Edition
  • 22nd International Japanese-English Translation (IJET) Conference
  • Executive Committee Highlights
  • President's Letter
February 2011 Edition(Top)
February 2011 Edition
  • Calling All Future Language Professionals!
  • Executive Committee Highlights
  • President's Letter
April 2008 Edition(Top)
April 2008 Edition
  • Googling Machine Translation by Paula Dieli
  • ATA 48th Annual Conference - A First Timer Attendee's Experience by Helene Viglieno
  • ATA Awards Scholarship to NOTA Member
  • Tribute to Waltraud Knudsen and Lee Wright
September 2007 Edition(Top)
September 2007 Edition
  • Welcome to the World of Forensic Linguistics by Natasha Curtis
  • Directions to Annual Meeting
  • Reminiscing by Waltraud Knudsen
  • Parable of Everybody, Somebody, Nobody and Anybody
April 2007 Edition(Top)
April 2007 Edition
  • It could happen to you by Natasha Curtis
  • Twenty bucks for a sheet of paper by Danilo Nogueira
  • A worthwhile investment by Lee Wright
November 2006 Edition(Top)
November 2006 Edition
  • It could happen to you by Natasha Curtis
  • Twenty bucks for a sheet of paper by Danilo Nogueira
  • A worthwhile investment by Lee Wright
August 2006 Edition(Top)
August 2006 Edition
  • Information about Annual Meeting
  • Minutes of the NOTA Executive Board Meeting
  • Passing on Lessons Learned by John Shaklee
  • Glossary Mining - Down Tunnel No. 2 by Lee Wright
  • NOTA Dues - Reminder
May 2006 Edition(Top)
May 2006 Edition
  • Glossary Mining by Lee Wright
  • Fonts: Choose Wisely by Tim North
  • Using Google for Language-Related Research - translation by Lee Wright, article by Ricardo Soca
  • Some Words are Painful to Translate by Crocker Stephenson
February 2006 Edition(Top)
February 2006 Edition
  • ATA Certification Exam Instructions
  • Minutes of the NOTA Executive Board Meeting
  • Keyboard Shortcuts and Other Computer Tips
  • Add Value... And Start Collecting Your Money: Solutions to Common Problems for Freelance Translators
  • NOTA Financial Statement
  • Anniversaries by Lee Wright
  • Lost in Translation
November 2005 Edition(Top)
November 2005 Edition
  • Holiday Party Info
  • Minutes of the NOTA Executive Board Meeting
  • Minutes of the Annual Dinner
  • Google Gets Better. What's Up With That?
  • Caught in the Web: T&I Brokers on the Internet
  • How to Get into the Translation Business
  • One Translator's Creed
August 2005 Edition(Top)
August 2005 Edition
  • Minutes of the NOTA Executive Board Meeting
  • Details of Annual Dinner Meeting
  • Backing up Files and Data
  • Business Briefs
  • Controlling What Programs Windows Runs Automatically
  • The Translator's Survival Kit
May 2005 Edition(Top)
May 2005 Edition
  • Tool Review: WorkPace
  • Just Half a Tongue But Still a Linguist
  • Doing the Impossible
  • Certification - Samples
  • 1/3/10/30/90
  • Map and Directions for NOTA Picnic
February 2005 Edition(Top)
February 2005 Edition
  • Looking for Answers Within
  • How to Make Changes in the NOTA Member Directory
  • Brave New World
  • Trados Seminar in January
  • Tips for Sending Resumes for Translation Jobs
  • Executive Committee Meeting Minutes
November 2004 Edition(Top)
November 2004 Edition
  • Highlights from the Annual Meeting
  • Member's Comments on ATA Conference
  • Top Ten Traits of a Good Translator
  • Watch Out for the Phish
  • Executive Committee Meeting Minutes
  • ATA Mentoring Program
  • Call for Papers - Translating Eastern Europe
  • Sick of Clueless Clients (School Outreach)
August 2004 Edition(Top)
August 2004 Edition
  • Review of NOTA Summer Picnic
  • Weightlifting for Interpreters
  • Minutes of last Executive Committee meeting
  • Facts about Toronto
  • Dinner Details and Directions to the Annual Meeting at Pad Thai
May 2004 Edition(Top)
May 2004 Edition
  • NOTA election with candidate statements
  • Honing translation skills through online courses
  • Minutes of last Executive Committee meeting
  • Ballot for NOTA election
  • Directions for summer picnic
March 2004 Edition(Top)
March 2004 Edition
  • "A Practical Guide for Translators" review
  • "The Interpreter's Rx Revisited" review
  • Why I like Trados
  • Ask Jill
January 2004 Edition(Top)
January 2004 Edition
  • First time at the ATA conference
  • The etiquette of e-mail
  • ATA certification exam requirements
  • Why I like Dja Vu
October 2003 Edition(Top)
October 2003 Edition
  • Continued education credits
  • Protecting your Internet privacy
  • Welcome to Phoenix
  • Annual dinner meeting
  • Financial statement
August 2003 Edition(Top)
August 2003 Edition
  • NOTA picnic
  • Farewell to Heidi Stull
June 2003 Edition(Top)
June 2003 Edition
  • The easiest PR you will ever do
  • Intel International Science and Engineering Fair
  • Ergonomics tips
  • ATA tips for candidates
March 2003 Edition(Top)
March 2003 Edition
  • Web design made simple
  • In person marketing
  • Skills for T&I professionals
  • Tools of a translator
January 2003 Edition(Top)
January 2003 Edition
  • New ATA accreditation policies
  • Get your name in the paper
  • Why you need to be in Phoenix
  • Tax tips for translators
October 2002 Edition(Top)
October 2002 Edition
  • Dinner meeting at Pipers III
  • Meet our new Executive Committee
  • TM in your future
  • NOTA financial report
September 2002 Edition(Top)
September 2002 Edition
  • How to write a better resume
  • The Tower of Babel
  • My year as a mentee
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